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Basic Piano Care Tips

To keep you piano sounding and looking good you must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Have your piano tuned yearly.
  • Complete a full regulation every 3 years.
  • Keep plants, vases, drinks, or other liquids away and off of the piano. Condensation will ruin the piano’s finish, and spills can make their way into the piano’s machines, soundboard and strings causing severe damage.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures where piano is kept. Humidity and direct sunlight can ruin finishes.
  • Avoid placing decorative pieces on the piano’s surface. If you do, ensure you place a soft fabric or place felt base on decorative piece.
  • Avoid over-polishing your piano, do not use aerosol products to polish your piano. Dust is abrasive, so wiping it may cause scratches, therefore. Feather-dust the piano first and then wipe with a soft, damp cotton or micro-fiber cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain. Wipe up any excess moisture with a similar dry cloth.
  • To clean piano keys use mild soap mixed with water and wipe keys, do not spray standard disinfectant spray on keys; this could cause discoloration.


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